When you can't find the perfect gift . . . ask!

JellyTelly recently published a little reflection I wrote about Father's Day and the challenge I normally face in trying to select the perfect card or gift for my Pops.  Perhaps you can relate to this feeling - I call it "gift anxiety."  Finding the best gift for those that mean so much to us can be quite the challenge.  So, I tried something a little different this year and wanted to invite you to join in on the fun!  

Below is an excerpt:
I recently exchanged emails with a friend whose father passed away not too long ago.  The last line of his email struck me; “Continue to appreciate your dad.  Time on this earth is short.”  For many, Father’s Day is a painful reminder of just how short time on this earth is.  For others, it is an encouragement to be intentional, as we still have time together to show our dads and our husbands how thankful we remain for their guidance and love.

We all have different ways of showing our gratitude.  On holidays, such as Father’s Day, we often exchange cards or gifts.  But, if you are anything like me, you find yourself in the card aisle year after year wondering if your words really are enough.

To appreciate something means to grasp its worth, value, or significance, and finding the right gift or words to do so can feel futile at times.  This year, while I did purchase a small gift and cheesy card for my dad, I decided to try something a little different.

“What if,” I thought to myself, “I give my dad the gift of questions?”
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