Raising Littles In A Technological Milieu

Hello there, friends!  I am excited to share with you my newest blog featured today on JellyTelly. This blog explores the difficulties I am finding in raising kiddos in a world wherein technology and "smart devices" have become so pervasive.  Below is a preview of the blog, followed by a link at the bottom of this post if you are interested in reading more.  I hope you all enjoy and find encouragement in these words. Many blessings! 

I often refer to my oldest daughter, Eiley, as my “tiny theologian.”  Her eagerness to learn is evident in her incessant inquiry.  Recently, I noticed my tendency to respond to her questions in nearly a programmatic manner: “Wow, Eiley!  That is a really great question.  I’ll have to think about that.” The problem is, I rarely have such “thinking time,” and I often forget to circle back and offer her answers. 

I want to change that.  Having an easily-accessible answer to all of Eiley’s questions, from “What are we having for dinner?” to “Can God understand my sister’s prayer when we don’t know what she is saying?” isn’t just my aim.  I want my children to be heard and to know that their questions are valued.  My children’s questions are forming me – those moments consciously and sub-consciously challenge my own faith to seek, ask, and knock on a door that is promised to, indeed, “open.”  Their innocent inquiries serve as insights into the paradoxical and simple profundities fundamental to a “childlike faith;” and ultimately remind me of the wonderful mystery inherent within the God we serve.  The questions my children ask are worth what it demands of me to offer them genuine responses. 

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