Lent 2014

Today is Ash Wednesday, and thus marks the beginning of a sacred and important time in the Christian calendar.  Over the next 40 days, Christians are encouraged to remember and reflect on life of Christ, particularly the 40 days leading up to his death and resurrection.

This past Sunday we celebrated Transfiguration Sunday at church, and our pastor talked about the importance of remembering the light of Christ even amidst our darkest of days and moments . . . he pointed out that as Jesus and his select disciples descend from the Mount of Transfiguration (this crazy awesome experience . . . wherein Jesus in all his glory is shining so radiantly and brightly) the march toward Jerusalem, toward Jesus' passion, death, and resurrection officially begins.  I assume the disciples desperately needed that moment on the Mount of Transfiguration so as to hold onto hope in the dark days ahead as their beloved friend and Savior-King would be mocked and beaten by the world, slain for the sins of all of humanity.  I find myself in this story . . . I find myself in the confusion and terror of the disciples as their source of security, their light in the darkness, seems to slowly fade away.  "You can't leave me here; I can't do this alone; The pain is too much for me; I do not have the capacity in my head nor my heart to receive anymore bad news . . . to be faced with the reality of living in a broken world."

So, as I journey with Christ these next 40 days, I am thankful for his willingness to descend from heaven to earth and experience the human condition.  I am thankful I can relate with him.  I am thankful that the assault of the brokenness of the world on my head and heart is not something foreign to him.  And so, I choose to embrace this downward trajectory over the Lenten Season, holding onto the hope of Christ, the light of the world, and looking forward to the magnificent celebration that is EASTER SUNDAY!

Many blessings to you during this season,