Eiley - 4 Months of Life Together


This past weekend we celebrated you being in our lives for four wonderful months. We can't believe how quickly the time has flown by . . . I guess all those sleepless nights in the first few weeks make everything kind of a blur. But, here we are now . . . four months into this adventure together and your Dad and I are so grateful for you. You always know how to put a smile on our faces, even when you are fussy. You're personality is really starting to come to life and we can tell that you are a bit of a firecracker and we love it. You love to sing and scream . . . like the happy, giggly kind of scream. You love love LOVE to eat your hands (see photo below). I think the teething season (that I hear lasts kind of forever) is upon us as everything goes straight into your mouth for a wee nibble or gnaw these days.

We love you so much Princess Eiley Eliza and are so thankful to be your Mom and Dad!